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From overlay for large scale concerts and live events, to providing the infrastructure that enables the creation of humanitarian aid and military operational bases. We’ve spent more than two decades bringing certainty to projects by delivering practical, dependable, and high-quality solutions that are easy to transport, install, and pack up.

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Live Events

Striking gold with temporary flooring

In 2012 London hosted the world’s biggest sporting festival with events being staged in some historic and iconic places around the capital, which had to be protected from being harmed or even destroyed while still providing the stable ground needed for elite sports.

Live Events

The flooring system that’s ready to rock

A legendary band that makes as big a noise as they do doesn’t travel light. That means a big logistical challenge for us and our partner Paco Norman and his SaniBrun Construcción Modular team. Building a stage on this million-pound sports surface needed to be done carefully.

Live Events

Building a world class event on shifting sands

Holding the festivals involves transforming a sandy beach into a fully functional, world-class event venue with stages, sound systems, lighting rigs and catering outlets. Sand isn’t a stable surface: it shifts under the pressure of weight and can be blown away by wind.


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