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The AmP Panel. Tried and Tested, Man Deployable Temporary Road System

AmP Trackway Panel
amp aluminium trackway system

Perfect for use in remote, inhospitable or challenging environments, the AmP humanly deployable aluminium panel system provides a durable, resilient surface – fast.

At the Box Group, we’re determined to transform the heavy-duty market by developing hard-working, robust trackway systems capable of supporting even the largest and most substantial vehicles. 

In 2018, we introduced the game changing AmP Panel system. This innovative aluminium, temporary road solution, designed in-house, has undergone rigorous testing and proven its effectiveness over the last few years. 

By combining the durability of a heavy-duty system with the convenience of portable track mats, the AmP offers a far more cost-effective solution for businesses and their projects.

Standard box panels typically require Hiab transport. This can make installation difficult as they cannot be moved manually and can be challenging to manoeuvre into confined spaces. 

amp panel - aluminium temporary roadThe AmP panel’s unique design enables effortless deployment using a JCB 926 or similar all-terrain forklift, followed by manual installation by local crew to complete the process. By opting to rent forklifts and assemble 2-4 person teams to lay the trackway, the AMP panel can significantly reduce investment costs by £180,000 (the average price for a Hiab truck) while enhancing operational flexibility.

The AmP offers numerous benefits due to its high number of connection points:

  • The system enhances resilience and minimises the risk of damage, with 10 connection points per panel to support the heaviest road-going vehicles.
  • The network of connections allows for a brick weave pattern, increasing the overall strength and durability of the panels when required.
  • Seamless connections between each panel ensure a smooth surface for pedestrians, workers, and vehicles, significantly reducing trip hazards and meeting operational needs.
  • It’s easy to navigate around obstacles such as trees, pylons, or posts with the ability to offset panels and adjust connection points. This flexibility enables users to adapt the system to a wider range of conditions with ease.

One system, two solutions 

The AmP is not just a temporary road solution – the system can also be used as fencing. By utilising the panel’s off-set connection design, a solid, secure fence can be built on any type of uneven terrain or slope.

Ultimate strength

amp panel aluminium temporary roadThe AMP panel stands out against other portable track mats, and there’s no competition in load distribution or traction. 

Designed to support a maximum static load of up to 100 tonnes per m2 and a 12.5 tonne axle weight, these panels can also be laid in a variety of configurations to increase load-bearing capacity if required.

Areas such as Premier League football pitches or other sensitive surfaces may mean working with a low limit kilonewton rating that ordinarily would seem impossible to adhere to. However, by cross-laying AMP panels, weight diffusion is easily achievable, simply by laying an unconnected or minimally connected bottom layer of AMP panels, then cross-lay connected panels on top.

The results are incredible – giving 4 to 5 times stronger deflected load capability.

Furthermore, when there’s a requirement to guarantee the safe passage of pedestrians and light vehicles across voids or empty spaces, the strength of the AMP panel makes it the ideal choice. 

Why invest in the AmP Panel?

  • Heavy duty trackway with track mat portability (only 104 Kg per panel)
  • Save thousands by not having to invest in an expensive Hiab. 
  • Panels can be manually installed by teams of 2 or 4 people.
  • Cross lay to achieve an incredible weight-bearing capability.
  • Each panel has 10 connection points for extra resilience and agility.
  • Lay in a brick weave design to add integrated strength when connecting over large areas
  • Multi-purpose – use on the ground as trackway or fencing in a vertical plane. 

The Box Group has the capability to manufacture the AmP system in 4 to 9 panel variants, along with the option to produce anodized panels that will mitigate extreme temperatures in challenging climates.

Dimensions: 1150mm x 3000mm
Panel thickness: 40mm
Panel weight: 104kg
Connection points: 10
Static load: 100 tonnes per m2

Why The Box Group?

The Box Group offers a wide range of heavy-duty drivable trackway and flooring, to lightweight tent and temporary structure flooring to pedestrian walkways, car parks and staging areas. With over 20 years of technical expertise, we guarantee to provide the most suitable, timely, and cost-effective solution to every project and business’s unique requirements.

Our systems have been rigorously tested in multi-climate environments around the world, and are renowned for keeping mission-critical operations on track. Clients include NATO, Weatherhaven, Norwich City Football club, Event Horizon and Sela Sport.

You can order direct from us via our online at, or if you’ve got any questions, drop us an email to or give us a call  on +44 (0) 203 286 7463  and chat with our expert team about your specific requirements.

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