CASE STUDY: Live Events

Creating the perfect base for Ford at Goodwood Festival of Speed

In a nutshell:

  • Equipment used: 500m2 I-Trac and 40 Trakmats
  • Location: West Sussex, UK
  • Installation time: Under 8 hours
  • Pack-up time: Under 5 hours
  • Size of team: 6
Temporary flooring for motorsport


Jack Morton Worldwide / The Ford Motor Company


Goodwood Festival of Speed is a motorsports event held in late June/early July every year, featuring classic as well as contemporary vehicles. The Box Group has a long history of working with exhibitors at this famous festival.

The challenge

It’s important that major automotive brands, such as Ford, aren’t just present at this annual event, but make an impact. The Box Group was contracted by Jack Morton Worldwide to partner Ford, who were using a large, mobile display showroom trailer, complete with meeting rooms.

This unit needed to be positioned on a completely flat base, as any small infraction would cause problems for the guest experience: doors will stick, ramps and pathways won’t be smooth, and even seating arrangements could be affected. It was down to The Box Group to create this smooth, flat base for the mobile showroom in the grass-covered display zone; and also build a metal track for the HGV to transport the unit from the road onto this base, before being unfolded.

Our solution

The Box Group explored two different options for the base, which involved asking prospective suppliers to visit the site and carry out a demo. As the flooring needed to support a series of hydraulic rams used to level the unit, the I-Trac was selected for its stable base and capacity to meet the required tolerances. Additionally, AMP metal road panels, which The Box Group regularly uses, were used to create the off-ramp to transport the mobile unit from regular roads to its event location.

The Box Group’s operational expert was on hand to ensure that our local teams were able to deploy the entire flooring and road panel solution in under eight hours. Delivery was smooth and straightforward: the allotted timings set out by the site were met, with no scheduling complications or competition with other exhibitors for space.


Jack Morton Worldwide’s satisfaction was twofold. They were extremely pleased with all the products used, and with our on-site deployment, making sure the job was completed on budget and on time. As a result, the client contracted The Box Group’s services for both the North and South Carfests, and also for the Royal Norfolk Show. The Box Group’s clear expertise at these events led to further contacts, and subsequent involvement in creating strong support systems for a large zip-line attraction. 

We’re here to help

At The Box Group we know the integrity of your temporary operating environment is critical to success. Get it right, and the rest of the project can align and succeed.

Our solutions are much more than the provision of the right kit; they combine our years of experience with inventive thinking and a can do, positive mindset – to meet logistical challenges, enable operations, mitigate risk and complete missions. When there’s no room for error, our clients trust us to deliver.