Stadium & Arenaturf protectionsolutions

Industry leading turf and ground protection systems

Trust The Box Group to provide the turf protection for your event:

  • Backstage and audience areas
  • Heavy equipment areas
  • Temporary roadways and walkways to protect sensitive surfaces
  • Sturdy foundation for security and soundproofing perimeters
  • Hard-standing areas for event support vehicles
  • Sustainable – from seeking the lowest carbon manufacturing partners and using recycled components, to buying back flooring panels to reuse or recycle.

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    Transform your stadium into a multi-functional venue and increase your revenue opportunities

    We’ve worked with events’ organisers globally to overcome challenges and create safe and successful multi-purpose spaces in a wide range of fast paced sports locations.

    Whether you need stable access ways, temporary flooring for a concert or turf protection mats, we have all you need to keep fans, facilities and your playing surfaces safe. Our experienced team will help you meet tight deadlines and budgets, providing expert guidance to plan your event from the ground up.

    Regardless of the type of event you are hosting, whether it be concerts, festivals, trade shows, or exhibitions, we will collaborate with your teams and partners to ensure that you have the most suitable turf protection measures in place, all while staying within your budget. This way, you can protect your natural grass, synthetic, or hybrid surfaces and concentrate on delivering a top-notch experience for your team, performers, and visitors.

    Turf Protection for Stadiums, Football Pitches and Sports Grounds

    Our solutions are expertly selected and designed to safeguard both natural and synthetic turf. Using innovative technologies, we ensure that your turf remains healthy and in pristine condition, no matter how long it is covered.

    Safety is critical to an event’s success. Our systems are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and include non-slip surfaces that enhance traction even in wet or uneven conditions.

    Choose from a variety of our industry-leading stadium turf protection products including I-Trac™, Rola-Trac™, EventDeck® Ultra and more to meet your specific needs.

    The Box Group are not only a supplier, but a UK manufacturer, so we can guarantee supply – fast. 

    Case Study: The flooring system that’s ready to rock

    Building a stage on this million-pound sports surface needed to be done carefully. But that’s easier said than done when you’re working with a stage that could weigh up to 700 tonnes.

    The team was tasked with protecting the pitch and giving access to workers, vehicles and equipment. This included three cranes to build the stage, each with five axles or more and weighing up to 15 tonnes. Bear in mind that San Mamés, like most prestigious football pitches, has heating pipes just six inches below the surface. Protecting the surface during the build is paramount.

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    We know the groundwork needed to stage a show: from protecting the ground, managing the sound and powering the whole event, to packing it up and moving onto the next venue.


    Our solutions are designed to meet all overlay and access flooring requirements, providing a secure, flexible, and reliable foundation for your staging, hospitality and audience areas.


    Our tough, safe, reliable temporary flooring can be customised to make it work for your parking, access, seating and event staging needs.


    Flexible and reliable flooring for whatever you need, from car parking to access areas to staging.

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      A solid team behind your team

      Temporary operating environments can throw up a wide variety of conditions. Many of them challenging.

      We manufacture and supply industry-leading turf protection solutions to meet your critical needs. From overlay for large scale live events, to providing the infrastructure for hospitality, humanitarian aid and military operational bases, we’ve spent more than two decades bringing certainty to projects by delivering practical, dependable, and high-quality solutions that are easy to transport, install, and pack up.

      Our experience includes supporting Sports Events organisers on an international level; installing safe, clean and resilient flooring and trackway. Our most recent work has taken us to the Kingdom Arena in Saudi Arabia for Riyadh Season where we planned, supplied and deployed temporary flooring across their state of the art football pitch for several world class boxing events. We also worked on the world’s biggest sporting event hosted in London in 2012. Here, we planned, delivered and managed the flooring across seven outdoor venues.

      The Box Group’s inventive thinking and a can do, positive mindset means we rise to logistical challenges, enable operations, mitigate risk and complete missions. When there’s no room for error, our clients trust us to deliver.

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