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temporary flooring and trackway, acoustic and thermal barriers, sustainable off-grid power solutions
temporary flooring and trackway, acoustic and thermal barriers, sustainable off-grid power solutions

In the fast-paced world of racing, every second counts. Pit stops play a crucial role in a team’s success, and having the right motorsport pit equipment is essential for maximising efficiency and maintaining a competitive edge.

We know your number one goal is to make your team as efficient as possible, and that means working fast and effectively on the right surface. Dealing with incredible, powerful vehicles, and keeping each expensive component in peak condition is crucial. There’s no room for error, and the notion of working on a muddy, water-logged or dusty floor is unthinkable. Like your car or bike and it’s driver, the pit garage flooring in your pit stop needs to look the business.

Investing in your own temporary flooring system gives you a competitive advantage, plus you have the option to match up your flooring with your team’s branding. Products including Stadia X, Rola-Trac and Supa-Trac Lite are easy to transport to and from each race venue and provide you with a clean, smart looking surface to work on. If you decide to go with Supa-Trac Lite, the mats come in a range of colours so  you can match up your flooring to your team’s colours.

The brilliance of these temporary flooring systems lies in their remarkably easy installation. No experience or special tools are needed to lay these temporary floors. Instead, the mats are easy to handle, quick to connect and can be put to use straight away, so your team can get on with the race-critical jobs.

Here at The Box Group, we understand the significance of maintaining your vehicles in optimum condition and working seamlessly with delicate, high-value parts. Our garage flooring offers exceptional benefits, including effortless cleanup of oil spills, ensuring the safety and visibility of parts, and providing reliable support for vehicles during maintenance procedures.

And it’s not just your engineers who benefit. Your sponsors and VIPs will expect certain standards, and professional, functional racing flooring can boost your profile fast. The versatility of our garage flooring systems means you can use them in a range of scenarios, and maintain a polished and professional appearance.

As a commercial motorsport team, your crew will travel the world to compete, and our racing flooring is easy to transport and take with you. However, when you are back on home site, use the flooring to keep your cars protected in your garage too. There’s a reason why classic car collectors love these products so much!

Get in pole position with The Box Group

At the Box Group, we’ve worked with events’ organisers globally to overcome challenges and create safe and successful spaces in a wide range of fast paced environments. Our experience has seen us support renowned teams including Williams, McLaren and Lotus.

We want to make it easy for you to get the perfect garage surface, so you can focus on being first across the finish line. 

Simply work out the right product for your team, then place your order via our Floorbox online store and get it delivered straight to you without any hassle.

You bring the cars. You bring the drivers. You bring your team. From temporary flooring, off-grid modular power generation to noise protection and fragmentation barrier panel systems, our reliable, flexible, man-handleable, quiet and secure track side and event solutions give you the foundation winning sits upon.

If you’d like to find out more or speak to one of our experts about your Motorsport flooring requirements, call us +44 (0) 203 286 7463 on or drop us an email at

We’re here to help

At The Box Group we know the integrity of your temporary operating environment is critical to success. Get it right, and the rest of the project can align and succeed.

Our solutions are much more than the provision of the right kit; they combine our years of experience with inventive thinking and a can do, positive mindset – to meet logistical challenges, enable operations, mitigate risk and complete missions. When there’s no room for error, our clients trust us to deliver.

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