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The Ground Force Behind Military & Humanitarian Operations

Military tents have long served as temporary shelters and command centres for armed forces around the world. From campaign tents used by Roman legions to modular tents adopted by modern armies, temporary infrastructure continues to provide versatile, mobile shelter solutions for military and humanitarian aid operations.

Military tents and shelters now integrate power distribution, lighting, climate control, and other infrastructure to create mobile base camps and command centres. As technology and strategies evolve, so too do the designs and functions of temporary flooring and trackway.

Forward operating bases need two things above all else: to be completely mobile at a moment’s notice and they need to protect people and equipment.

By utilising military-grade temporary flooring and ground protection systems, troops have the capability to easily deploy portable systems for a range of applications supporting military personnel and field operations:

HQs, Camps, Tactical Operations Centres (TOCs) and Forward Operating Bases

When you’re creating bases for operations you need to set them up quickly, and be able to dismantle and move them just as fast. Command and control facilities, camp and accommodation for personnel all demand a solid surface that’s easy to maintain and keep hygienically clean. These are busy 24/7 environments, and without secure, safe and stable flooring, areas can quickly become dirty, wet and inhospitable.

Temporary roads and pathways

Laying down a hard-wearing and adaptable ground system is crucial, along with establishing safe temporary access routes for vehicles and troops. Military vehicles can range from four-tonne four-wheel drives to hundred-tonne armoured vehicles and equipment transporters. Trackway enables vehicles and troops to safely navigate challenging terrains such as sand, snow, mud, swamp and ice, helping to speed mobility and protect assets. Flooring systems also help mitigate trip hazards and provide clean, stable walkways for personnel to move around each facility.

Hangars, aircraft parking and heli-padstemporary flooring for hangars and aircraft

In hostile environments where the ground can been disrupted, cratered or flooded, military grade temporary flooring and trackway provides safe, secure, and visible landing, take-off, and parking zones for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. These systems enable quick and efficient parking over inhospitable, soft ground, plus their self-draining surfaces minimise Foreign Object Damage (FOD) from dust and debris, which could cause maintenance issues to aircraft in the field.

Workshops, warehouse and storage tents

Engineers already face an enormously difficult task trying to repair machinery with limited equipment and against fast turnaround times. So, it’s vital they at least have a clean, dry surface to work from – a platform that’s strong, stable and versatile enough to enable them to safely jack up a wheeled vehicle or service a helicopter.

Just as importantly, the surface should provide suitable environmental protection, ensuring it’s safe to walk on, resistant to spillage, and any small, delicate parts are easily visible and retrievable.

Hospitals and medical support facilities

It could be a disaster area, a hot zone, or a location that’s been struck by an earthquake, hurricane or serious flooding. In all cases, temporary flooring, roadways, walkways and access routes are essential in helping to provide doctors, nurses and personnel with clean, stable walkways to move around the facility and transport patients from operating theatres to wards with ease. Hygiene is critical, so having floors that can be quickly cleaned will help to prevent the spread of disease and contamination.

Military operations and humanitarian aid often take place in hostile, unpredictable environments where quick and efficient deployment of shelters is critical. Temporary flooring and trackway offers several benefits in these situations:

Mobility: Easily transported and set up in different locations, allowing for flexibility in changing operational needs or terrain conditions.

Stability and safety: Provides a stable surface for shelters, protecting occupants from uneven or rough terrain, as well as providing insulation and protection from moisture and pests.

Durability: Designed to withstand heavy use and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring that shelters remain intact and functional for extended periods of time.

Fast deployment: Quick and easy to install, saving valuable time and resources in emergency situations where rapid response is critical.

Versatility: Used for a variety of track and shelter types, including tents, modular buildings, container units, hangars and landing pads, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of military and humanitarian operations.

Overall, the use of temporary flooring and trackway in military operations and humanitarian aid efforts can enhance efficiency, safety, and effectiveness in providing essential support to displaced populations or personnel in the field.

Military grade solutions – military precision service

The Box Group provides temporary flooring and trackway that are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of armed forces and disaster relief operations. From heavy-duty drivable trackway and flooring for tents, storage facilities, mobile hospitals, and landing areas to lightweight tent and temporary structure flooring, pedestrian walkways, and staging areas, we are committed to providing the most appropriate, timely, and cost-effective solution to the military, humanitarian agencies and non-government organisations.

Our solutions cover the globe with clients including NATO, Noble and Weatherhaven.

With an extensive selection of flooring and trackway, backed with over 20 years of industry expertise our systems have been rigorously tested in multi-climate environments, and are renowned for keeping mission-critical operations on track.

Military flooring feature products:

AmP Trackway Panel

The AmP panel

  • Heavy duty trackway with track mat portability
  • Save thousands by not having to invest in an expensive Hiab.
  • Panels can be manually installed by teams of 2 or 4 people.
  • Cross lay to achieve an incredible weight-bearing capability
  • Each panel has 10 connection points for extra resilience and agility
  • Lay in a brick weave design to add integrated strength

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Stadia X temporary flooring

Stadia X

  • Supports vehicles up to 2,500kg* and far greater static loads
  • Edging ramps give easy vehicle access and eliminate trip hazards
  • Applications include Heli-pads or Car parks

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Rola-Trac Ultra


  • Solid base for operational centres and shelters.
  • Lightweight and durable design is quick and easy to deploy for temporary or longer-term use.

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In difficult and dangerous times, you can rely on The Box Group. Order online via our store,, or if you’ve any questions, drop us an email to or give us a call  on +44 (0) 203 286 7463  and chat with our expert team about your specific mission’s requirements. Any challenge. Anywhere. Fast.


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