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How temporary road solutions can reduce overheads, costs and save time

temporary roadway solutions

Speed, materials, productivity and cost-effectiveness are all vital components when it comes to the construction of temporary roads. Whether they are used to solve access problems for workers so materials, equipment and vehicles can be easily transported or to create routes for the public, temporary roads are vital for a number of industries.

But how do you make something cost effective and fast while ensuring it is also safe and environmentally friendly?

Temporary access solutions have been around for decades, but many aren’t taking advantage of how they can break down the barriers contractors face when constructing preliminary project works.

The temporary trackway market offers products that are still underutilised due to a lack of awareness and, consequently are not being used, despite their potential to overcome the challenges contractors face when building access roads.

Universal challenges faced by contractors

Contractors have a primary requirement to create and maintain a safe environment, both on the site itself and the surrounding network.

Some projects require the construction of temporary access roads across extensive geographical areas, and sometimes, in remote locations such as agricultural land, forests or even beaches!

Once a project is complete, the access road (or haul road) must then be removed, and the land returned to its original condition and use.

The conventional approach to the design of temporary works can cause unnecessary congestion and inconvenience for residents and road users. Site compounds and access roads, while essential in the initial stages of a project are temporary measures. It is therefore understandable why contractors want to minimise time and costs when preparing these works, no matter how vital they are.

Preliminary works need to be as cost and time effective as possible without impacting on performance or project scope. Luckily, value engineering the preliminary works can keep costs under control, while also accelerating the construction programme.

In the competitive world of project management, achieving maximum value while minimising costs and ensuring project efficiency is crucial. This is where Value Engineering comes into play. This method involves analysing and improving the value of a project by identifying and eliminating unnecessary expenses and maximising functionality.

Economic factors impacting a construction or event site, plus environmental considerations and sustainability must all be taken into account at each project stage.

By utilising temporary trackway solutions, contractors can achieve the same or better results at a lower cost with minimal impact to the area.

Modern trackway systems can reduce the thickness of an access road by around 30 to 60% which in turn significantly lowers resources, construction costs and accelerates the project schedule. Other benefits include improving on-site health and safety measures, and reducing a project’s overall environmental impact.

For example, significantly fewer resources are needed to remove an access road that is 40mm thick compared to one that is 600mm thick when restoring the land to its original condition and purpose.

CASE STUDY: Building a world class event on shifting sands

Rolling Loud and Afro Nation 2023 are Europe’s largest music beach festivals, bringing top-tier artists and 120,000 people to Portimao in the south of Portugal each year.

Holding the festivals involves transforming a sandy beach into a fully functional, world-class event venue with stages, sound systems, lighting rigs and catering outlets.

The event organiser’s previous experience had highlighted the need to create a temporary access road so construction traffic could drive directly into the sites where the stage and entrance gates were being assembled.

Sand isn’t a stable surface: it shifts under the pressure of weight and can be blown away by wind. The success of the festival depended on having exactly the right foundations in place, and required a constant cross section to accommodate the changing ground conditions and maximise build efficiency.

As a result, The Box Group sourced, transported and laid 14,500m2 of heavy duty temporary trackway (the equivalent to twice the area of Wembley Stadium) to create reliable, safe access for vehicles, equipment, workers and festival-goers.

Without a temporary trackway solution, a wide range of vehicles including several fully loaded articulated lorries and a 120-tonne crane would not have been able to make it on site, let alone onto the beach.

The portable temporary trackway decreased the impact on costs and the environment. And, most importantly, from a business perspective, accelerated the event’s construction process.
[Read the full case study here…]

Ultimately, value engineering and advanced planning for the preliminary works offers a simple and efficient way to save time and money whilst reducing the environmental impact of a project or event.

Why The Box Group?

From heavy-duty driveable trackway and flooring to lightweight tent and temporary structure flooring, pedestrian walkways, and staging areas, The Box Group has over 20 years technical expertise to ensure we supply the most suitable, timely, and cost-effective solution to every project’s unique requirements.

Our systems have been rigorously tested in multi-climate environments around the world, and are renowned for keeping mission-critical operations on track.

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