Suppression + Protection Barrier Panel Systems

We’ve applied years of experience in the live event and conference sector to create a range of barrier and panel solutions to control sound and keep your site compliant and secure. Whether you’re setting up in a stadium, specialist exhibition hall or a festival field, our demountable barrier and panel systems are easy to transport, install and take down. You can also build in fragmentation protection for your artists and assets if required.

Features + Benefits


Having worked with event organisers for many years, we’ve developed a highly efficient production capability which allows us to customise barrier panels to meet your unique needs. So you only pay for the sound management, control and protection you need.


Our barriers are man-handable and designed with portability, so they can be quickly set up and taken down without specialist skills.


The composites we use are fire-retardant, and have built in protection from water, condensation and UV. This way, you can rely on consistent performance over a long life, and can be confident that your operations won’t be disrupted by water leakage or condensation.


The thermal barrier helps manage your thermal signature and temperature for your performers. Plus, you can select the level of sound protection you need, controlling acoustic leakage from and into your operating area (suppressing between 10db and 49db). Our barriers also suppress external noise such as the sound of rainfall intruding into your performance area.


Fragmentation protection can add an extra layer of security depending on the environment in which your event is being held, or to increase protection for VIPs. Sadly, we do see attempts to disrupt or even harm performers and audiences. You can provide additional protection for your by including ‘military grade’ fragmentation blocks within your panels.

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