Site access temporary flooring + Trackway

If you want to maximise project earning potential in the construction industry, you need to be agile and organised. Finding the right products to help you keep your team and vehicles moving is vital. Whether you are working on civil engineering jobs, connecting or repairing utilities or building infrastructure, being able to access your site quickly and safely is critical. You need robust, reliable solutions that won’t let you down, no matter what the conditions.

As part of our focus on environmental impact, we ensure that sustainability is built into the design of our flooring products – from seeking the lowest carbon manufacturing partners and using recycled components, to buying back flooring panels when you’ve finished with them to reuse or recycle.

Features + Benefits


Our flooring panels are easy to transport, and easy to set up and take down without the need for specialists. You only need panels for the area you’re working on – our panels are easy to move around with your job.


Create the operating accommodation you need, and connect units with roadway and trackway tailored to your use and load. Save cost by focusing the most expensive panels for only the heaviest use.


Maintain a good, safe working environment with these easy-to-clean and spill resistant panels.


The easy way to keep your operating areas uncluttered and safe.


We may buy back your used panels and recycle them, helping you reduce overall costs. You can reduce environmental impact by recycling old flooring. Sustainable disposal options also exist.


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The Box Group is a leading temporary access provider across Europe

We offer a range of complete temporary access solutions including;

  • Trackway Systems
  • Temporary Flooring solutions
  • Bridging Systems
  • Barriers & Fencing

Our project managers understand the need to assess ground stability, behaviour and control flow measures, calculating the most suitable solution for each site to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles across any terrain, regardless of the environmental conditions.

Where heavy traffic is expected, ground access is subject to many different factors, not to mention changeable weather and invisible risks such as potentially old, fragile underground services.

Our knowledgeable team will work with you to ensure the right system is used for each site location. We are always on hand, and can be on site throughout your construction project, ready to advise and assist from start to finish.

Our Trackway systems can be combined with other products, such as pedestrian walkways and bridges. Scroll down and contact us to learn more about our temporary trackway and flooring products, or click here to read our case study.

amp aluminium trackway panel

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