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If you want to maximise project earning potential in the construction industry, you need to be agile and organised. Finding the right temporary flooring and trackway to help you keep your team and vehicles moving is vital. Whether you are working on civil engineering jobs, connecting or repairing utilities or building infrastructure, being able to access your site quickly and safely is critical. You need robust, reliable solutions that won’t let you down, no matter what the conditions.

As part of our focus on environmental impact, we ensure that sustainability is built into the design of our flooring and trackway products – from seeking the lowest carbon manufacturing partners and using recycled components, to buying back flooring panels when you’ve finished with them to reuse or recycle.

If you need to get cranes, heavy plant and diggers on and around your site, The Box Group can help

Are your key goals based around site safety, project efficiency and a good return on investment? If so, The Box Group is perfectly placed to meet all your temporary flooring and trackway needs.

We understand operating in the Construction industry, and appreciate that time and efficiency is critical. That’s why our ground protection solutions are designed to be simple, fast and easy to use.

Our product range includes renowned brands such as TuffTrack, AmP trackway, Rola-Trac, Supa-Trac, Duragrid, EuroMat, and our very own Stadia X range. All can be used to create paths around your site and can quickly be moved into different positions as the project evolves.

We understand the importance of stability and safety in your operations. Our high-quality temporary flooring and trackway solutions ensure a secure foundation for your vehicles and machinery. We’ll help you get immediate, safe access to your site, whilst protecting the surface underneath.

Our robust, high performance range of heavy and medium duty temporary flooring and trackway enables the quick and efficient construction of temporary car parks, site compounds, roadways and walkways.

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