Suppression + Protection Barrier Panel Systems

We’ve applied years of experience in the live event and conference sector to create a range of barrier and panel solutions to control sound and thermal emissions to meet the toughest needs of military and humanitarian agencies. Whatever your operating and logistical requirements; wherever in the world you need to be; and however tough the challenge, you can manage sound and heat by deploying our demountable barrier and panel systems. You can also build in fragmentation protection for your personnel and assets where the environment is hostile.

Features + Benefits


Our modular manufacturing process has been developed over many years, to create the protection you need at an affordable price. We can manufacture barriers customised for your specific requirements, meaning you only pay for the protection you need.


These systems are designed to simplify portability, storage and transport, and can be quickly set up and taken down – without specialist skills.


The composites we use are fire-retardant and have built in protection from water, condensation and UV. With the resilience and consistent performance of our barriers and panels over a long life, you can be confident that your operations will not be disrupted.


Our panels can suppress sound between 10db and 49db – select the level of protection you need to control acoustic leakage from and into your operating area. Our thermal barrier helps manage your thermal signature and the temperature for your personnel and assets.


Choose from different levels of protection: soft armour protection ranging from NIJ Level II to IIIA; hard plate; or combine soft and hard plate to boost protection up to NIJ Level VIII. Plus, there are options for a 17g fragment at velocity between 350m/s and 570m/s. Customise the barrier protection to match the risk of the environment in which you are operating.


The MTG comes with a 12-month, 8,670 hours parts and labour warranty as standard, with options to extend your warranty. Training is also available.

Fragmentation Barrier Spec Sheet

CoBRA Personnel Shield Spec Sheet

ASP Acoustic Barrier Spec Sheet

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