Flooring + Trackway

Temporary overlay is the first thing in – and the last thing out. In difficult and dangerous times, it’s the foundation of your operational success.

Our solutions are easy to transport, install and pack up. And they’re robust enough to withstand enormous punishment, meeting all your operational requirements and accredited up to 12.5 tonne axle loading. Whether you need flooring for HQ or hard-standing for helicopter landing and take-off points, we can help deliver your mission.

Our solutions also take into consideration their environmental impact. So we design sustainability into our flooring range: from seeking the lowest carbon manufacturing partners and using recycled components, to buying back flooring panels when they’re finished with to reuse or recycle.

Camps and Operating Bases

Military operations move fast. Create the foundation you need with safe, secure, reliable, hygienic surfaces for operational facilities.

Airfields + Heli-Pads

Safe and secure air access. Our rapidly deployable landing and take-off surfaces are ready – whatever the challenge.


Work from clean, dry surfaces. Make workshops accessible for the heaviest vehicles with a stable, hard-wearing surface that moves when you have to.

Humanitarian Aid

Get infrastructure up and running quickly. When you have to take everything and deploy it in challenging environments, we will get you what you need – fast.

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