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Reliable, flexible and robust temporary overlay, power generation, ballistic protection and sound suppression solutions designed for the most demanding situations and hostile areas.

Hire, buy or sell back options – trust us to provide the solid foundations for your operation:

  • Headquarters and Forward Operating Bases
  • Camp accommodation and kitchens
  • Airfields, hangars and helipads
  • Workshops and storage facilities
  • Humanitarian aid and field hospitals

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    Access it. Power it. Protect it.

    We’ve worked with military forces and aid agencies around the world to overcome challenges and create safe and effective operational spaces in the most hostile and remote environments.

    Our products include military-grade overlay flooring and trackway, flexible power from our autonomous micro turbine generators and demountable barriers for sound and heat suppression; explosive fragmentation protection.

    Whatever your assignment – from creating helipads to kitchens, field hospitals and operational bases; we provide the foundations for your success. And our solutions are reliable, flexible, portable, simple to set-up, quiet and secure.

    Why is there a shortage on the horizon?

    Paris 2024 is limiting its construction footprint by using existing or temporary infrastructures for 95% of its needs. Temporary infrastructure work is expected to include the installation of bungalows, containers, temporary stands, scaffolding, tents and interior fittings, all which will require some form of temporary flooring or trackway system for their foundations. Plus there’s an environmental commitment to ensure that 90% of the installations are to be reused in future and the remaining 10% are to be recycled.

    Smart Project Managers know that flooring demand will therefore increase and are taking action now to secure the supply they need at today’s prices. Act now to ensure you can commit to fulfilling your 2024 projects.

    The Box Group are not only a supplier, but a UK manufacturer, so we can guarantee supply if you act fast. 

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      A solid team behind your team

      Temporary operating environments can throw up a wide variety of conditions. Many of them challenging.

      We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, developed to perform under even the most testing and varied conditions. From overlay for large scale sites and live events, to providing the infrastructure for hospitality, humanitarian aid and military operational bases, we’ve spent more than two decades bringing certainty to projects by delivering practical, dependable, and high-quality solutions that are easy to transport, install, and pack up.

      Our experience includes working on the world’s biggest sporting event hosted in London in 2012. Here, we planned, delivered and managed the flooring across seven outdoor venues. We’re also used to supporting major construction projects; installing safe, clean and resilient trackway and flooring for site access and ground protection.

      The Box Group’s inventive thinking and a can do, positive mindset means we rise to logistical challenges, enable operations, mitigate risk and complete missions. When there’s no room for error, our clients trust us to deliver.

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