Flooring + trackway

Temporary overlay is the first thing in – and the last thing out. Wherever there’s performers, crew, equipment and large audiences involved, it’s the foundation of your event’s success.

Our flooring and trackway solutions are easy to transport, install and pack up. And they’re robust enough to withstand enormous punishment, meeting all your event requirements. Whether you need flooring for VIP dressing rooms or hard-standing for car parking, we can help.

Of course, the people attending your live event want to have a great time – but they also care about the environmental impact that they and the event have. We design sustainability into our flooring and trackway products: from seeking the lowest carbon manufacturing partners and using recycled components, to buying back panels when you’ve finished with them to reuse or recycle.


We know the groundwork needed to stage a show: from protecting the ground, managing the sound and powering the whole event, to packing it up and moving onto the next venue.


Our solutions are designed to meet all overlay and access flooring requirements, providing a secure, flexible, and reliable foundation for your staging, hospitality and audience areas.


Our tough, safe, reliable temporary flooring can be customised to make it work for your parking, access, seating and event staging needs.


Flexible and reliable flooring for whatever you need, from car parking to access areas to staging.

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